The Ancient Egyptian Daybook is finally available for retail sale.

Order your own copy here:

It is also available in all three formats, via Tamara’s author spotlight page at Lulu.

And it is available at Apple’s iBookstore. and other bookstores should have it available for sale very shortly.

Kickstarter and preorder backers will receive their copies starting this week (Printed copies are to be delivered to the author on January 12 and shipping will begin immediately). Please watch your email for important correspondence confirming your backer perks and shipping addresses.

You can read more about what’s going on with the Daybook here:


If you preordered the book via this website and are NOT on the mailing list, please send an email to tamara at tamarasiuda dot com and ask to be placed on the list. All known orders to this date have been added to the mailing list and hopefully you are all still on there. Information about how to download ebooks and verify shipping addresses for preorders will be going out in the next 48 hours.

The Ancient Egyptian Daybook has gone to press.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Here’s the cover:

As soon as we have a proof copy back from the printer (gods willing, by midweek), then all the copies for my amazing backers will be printed. As soon as we get those, I will begin shipping them. If you haven’t responded to your backer survey yet, Kickstarter folks – please do immediately. I will need to know if you still want to be added to the list of patrons in the book before I send back the corrected proofs, so this week is probably your last chance to get included. I will be responding to the handful of you who need changes to your tier/perk rewards Monday – I’ve just finished going through the giant pile of surveys to double check that everything is correct, but there are still probably about 40 of you who haven’t responded yet.

Daybook website preorders: I will be contacting you this week for your own address and purchase verifications, so that is all ready to go as soon as the books arrive.

This is all very exciting. I think you’re going to love the book. The companion perpetual calendar type daybook that we’d talked about in the process is still being laid out, and should be available shortly after the regular book. Right now the push is for you to have the big book in your hot little hands as soon as possible.

Currently our release schedule is looking like this:

1. Ebooks will be sent to everyone who ordered one as soon as I have a corrected proof copy back with the proper ISBN information and get them formatted with it. That should be before December 20 (I’m hoping it’ll be this week even).
2. As soon as printed books arrive from the printer, Kickstarter backers will receive shipment information as soon as I can get them packed up and sent.
3. As soon as the Kickstarter backers have been handled, I will ship printed books to preorders from the Egyptian Daybook site.
4. Once all preorders are out, the Daybook site will be retooled to reflect the retail prices, and the book will be released for the general public.
5. Library copies (our stretch goal) will be shipped out when the Daybook website preorders go out, or earlier if the printer is fast enough and gets me enough books to send to everyone who paid for a copy already.

There is still (a little bit of) time to get in on this if you didn’t get in on it when the Kickstarter was open. I will take preorders on the¬†website until the proof copy comes back from the printer, which means you have at least a few more days to go there and do the thing.

Contact me at if you have any questions at all. Thank you all so very much for your patience and your support through this giant monster of a process. Soon, soon, soon!

You can read the most recent update to the Daybook project at the official Kickstarter website:

There is a sample data entry, some new art, and excitement building as we get closer to press time!

You can read the latest update on the Daybook project directly at the Kickstarter website. Information on how to track the progress, including on the Daybook’s mailing list, is also included.